David Fain

Born the youngest of a large family in California, David’s family moved to South Florida in the early 60’s where the incredible wildness of the Everglades inspired his creativity and respect for our natural resources.

His father gave him his love for all things wild, and he spent much of his time outdoors, hunting, fishing, swimming in the springs and the St. John’s River. He began drawing wildlife and landscapes as a youth with the help of his trusty field guides. A friend of the family gave David an old camera, and the new creative outlet soon became his “sleeper hobby” until 20 years ago when ventured forward with his photography, showcasing his passion for the great outdoors and Florida wild places.

“My specialties are landscape and wildlife photography,” David explained. “I like to reflect the ideas of different styles through my photography, borrowing from plein air painting, and the light balancing of famed photographer, Ansel Adams. I am convinced that every image should be a window of the photographer’s experience; conveying a story that lingers in the thoughts of the observer.”

Prior to his retirement, David was a local tour guide and still maintains a tourism license in St. Augustine. David, his wife Debbie, have seven children and ten grandchildren; all native Floridians. In his spare time, David likes to play acoustic guitar and sing. He maintains a strong interest in the natural sciences and is a strong advocate for conserving our natural resources.