Jenni Cherry of Cherry Blossom Art & Designs
is Our May 2021 ...

Featured Artist

I’m proud to be the artist of Cherry Blossom Art & Designs AND P.A.St.A Gallery's Featured Artist of the month!

My art is inspired by the gorgeous beaches of St Augustine, FL and is created primarily using resin with real sand and shells from local beaches. I call these pieces “Beachscapes”. They are created using many layers of “waves” giving each piece an incredible look of realism with depth and dimension that only the ocean possesses. Each layer has mesmerizing foamy waves and azure tones (or varied colors depending on the piece) revealing the churning and sometimes, crashing waves, effect of the sea. Most pieces display an expertly crafted “beach” using exquisite sand and tiny crushed shells from various local beaches for an ultra realistic touch. Each piece is uniquely designed and so no two are ever alike. You can be assured that every piece of art from the Beachscape Collection is a one of a kind!

Oh! I'm excited to have available my brand new Charcuterie Board (bottom left corner in the picture above)! They're available in a variety of standard sizes and also can be custom ordered; how'd you like a surf-board version?? They're the perfect compliment to my set of four coasters (top left corner in the picture above)!

Please come see my Featured Artist wall beginning on May 1st, 2021 through May 31st, 2021!