Ginny LeJeune
Impressionistic oil paintings

Ginny LeJeune has always believed that life is so much better when art is a part of one’s environment. Growing up, she took art and graphic art classes in school and thought she would become a graphic artist. But life took Ginny in another direction, into design. She started her own design company, called Creative Design and Upholstery, in the 90’s. Ginny found that working with furniture and soft surrounding designs expanded her love for painting pictures of interiors. She was influenced by the late Jeremiah Goodman, who was known for his paintings of famous interiors in an impressionist style. She began selling her artwork in a wonderful French antique store and to her clients.

When Ginny moved from her native state of California to retire in Palm Coast, Florida, she had time to expand her painting. She started painting landscapes, some from memories of California. Ginny’s art conveys a feeling and an impression, taking you to a place you might want to be. She has recently added florals to her painting style, and is trying her hand at Tonalism, a style of painting in which color range is limited so that subtle gradations of the color tones constitute the primary aesthetic and means of expression.