Meet the Artist

Jenni Cherry

Jenni is a St Augustine artist who works primarily with resin and acrylic on wood. Both techniques are completely unique as she draws her inspiration from the sandy beaches, gorgeous sunsets and tropical landscapes of St Augustine, FL.

All of her resin “beachscapes”, as she calls them, in one way or another, depict an element of the beach featuring waves, often using real sand or seashells from local area beaches. The beachscapes reflect rich colors of the ocean that reveal its depth and dimension, which are each expertly mixed and paired with the liquid resin. She then elevates the piece by adding intricate details in the sand and often hiding elements of significance in the waves. These are the most popular pieces of art in her collection and are often done as commissions.

The other style Jenni works with is acrylic on wood. In keeping with the beachy theme these pieces are usually scenes of tropical paradises, palm trees, lagoons or peaceful docks at sunset. Again, the inspiration is drawn from the local area. What sets these pieces apart is that they are painted on wood which Jenni torches before beginning the painting process. She searches for just the right piece of wood with a grain pattern specific to the piece she has in mind. When the wood is torched, the grain becomes dark and prominent and she uses that natural grain to incorporate into the painting. It often becomes shadows or variations in color in the water and sky. These paintings are intricately and precisely planned so as to showcase the beautiful, natural grain of the wood as well as a spectacular piece of artwork.

Jenni has been an artist practically her whole life. What began as drawing portraits and projects for school as a child grew into paid commissions and eventually a full-fledged career path. In 2018 she became the artist behind Cherry Blossom Art & Designs. While she still enjoys all aspects of drawing and commission work, her focus has shifted to gallery type work and the Beachscapes and Torched Acrylic paintings she does today.

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