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Joe Desiderio

Hi! My name is Joe Desiderio and I'm a photographer. Well, actually, I'm a bit more than that; for instance - I'm a father, a brother, a friend and someone's love, but this is my "photography bio," so, yeah, I'm a photographer.

I was born and raised in south Detroit. I took the midnight train going anywhere. Wait! That’s not right! That’s a song from “Journey.” MY journey began in the northeast, where I was born and raised - Philly to be precise. So, yeah, YO, Adrian!, cheese-steaks, The Liberty Bell and all of that good stuff! I have mostly lived in the Southeast, i.e. Virginia, North & South Carolina and now Florida. I hope to continue living for quite some time. I specifically use the word “raised,” rather than “grew-up,” because I really don't foresee growing-up in my immediate future. I believe that whimsical nature strongly influences my photographs.

I now reside in the oldest city in the USA, St. Augustine, FL. This city's abundant history, beauty and people provide me with endless opportunities to capture moments that I love to share. I'm obsessed with getting each and every shot just right. I agonize over presenting it perfectly so you can feel what I felt when that particular image was captured. This city, and the surrounding sea and landscapes, inspire me like never before.

It was at St. Joseph’s University, where I added photography studies to my Psychology major and Business minor that provided me with the “basics” of photography at a time when film was actually film and not a name used to talk about digital storage. It was also a time when “developing film” meant spending hours in a darkroom and not sitting in-front of a computer developing digital images with a “Lightroom.” Those “basics” gave me the base of knowledge that I use today to capture that perfect cloud formation over a tranquil body of water, or storm clouds over raging surf! Give me a sunrise or a sunset and the romantic in me surges to the surface, grabs my camera and compels me to attempt to preserve that moment to remember forever! If I’ve done it right, then you’ll see and feel what I did at that very moment and it’s then yours forever too!

So, that’s my “photography bio.” If that were all you knew or remembered about me, then I'd say you know me pretty well.

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