Meet the Artist

John Suchy

John Suchy was born in 1946 in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in Westbury, Long Island. He studied art at the School of Visual Arts, the Art Students League & the Pan American Art School in Manhattan. After leaving art school he worked for 17 years in the Advertising business as a designer, layout artist & an illustrator.

In 1974 he moved into the upper westside of Manhattan & started creating drawings of the neighborhood. He started selling his art on the streets in 1976 and did this for 12 years while working as an illustrator. Showing his art on streets he met people from all around the world and learned what N.Y.C. scenes they would like to bring home. In 1988 he moved off the streets into several art galleries in N.Y.C. and is now represented by the Central Park Art Gallery on 57th street in Manhattan. He is also represented in Germany and has had many shows in several cities over the years.

His art expresses his love of the subjects and his passion for detail. He enjoys working in various mediums, including pen & ink, etchings, watercolors, oils, & collages. His subjects include St. Augustine, FL scenes, New York City scenes, people, & nature. His uncle John Graham was a very talented artist who first introduced him to drawing when he was a kid. He considers himself very fortunate to have studied with many talented artists including Burne Hogarth, Marshall Arisman, Eugene Karlin, John Gundlefinger & Gustave Rehburger. “I have been so lucky to meet so many people along the way who have encouraged me to pursue my art dreams & have helped me open many doors.”

John & his wife Mirian recently moved to St. Augustine and he has started to create scenes of this beautiful city. “ There are so many drawings and paintings I hope to create in the future of this fascinating place. I enjoy relaxing at the beach and making pencil & color studies of the ocean. The best part of living here is being around all the energy of the many talented and creative Artists that show their art at the various art galleries.”

John's Art