Laura Boilini

Bridge of Lions
​Laura​ L. Boilini began her career as an elementary art teacher in Indiana, seeking to inspire creativity in the 800+ youth she taught each week!  She received a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and Art from Valparaiso University, and her master's and Ph.D. from Pudue University in Educational Administration.  In grades K-12, Laura served as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, assistant superintendent and superintendent of schools covering a 28-year career in the Hoosier state.  Moving to Florida in 2010, Laura continues to work as an educator and is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of North Florida where she teaches in the graduate program.

Laura published her first book, Life's Bouquet, in 2012.  It is a memoir that reflects upon her many formal and informal teachers with a sense of appreciation  In this book Laura pays tribute to those who have inspired and impacted her life, and she portrays them in both art renderings, paintings, and also in story form as beautiful flowers and beautiful weeds.  Sixteen paintings capture the essence of these life lessons and adorn Laura's home in honor of the momentous teachers who directed her path.

What inspires Laura's work is an intereest in the subject formed through color and texture, and she strives to let the work flow as she seeks to create something unique and expressive.  She often goes into a painting with a visual image either from a photograph or formed within her mind.  But, the painting quickly evolves into something new and unexpectd, making painting a continuous journey and delight, an avenue of growth, change, and wonder that Laura finds fascinating.

Laura especially enjoys working with commission pieces for clients who share photos with her of scenery that has meaning for them.  Creating this unique art has been a joy for Laura, and she has painted many paintings for clients who seek to remember a special memory, a special place.  Landscapes, abstracts and flowers are common themes of Laura's work and her recent creations are of Florida turtles!  Laura loves living in St. Augustine with her husband, Kirk Kemmish, and creating art representative of the bountiful landscape that continuously provides natural inspiration.

If you have a special landscape from a visit to our lovely St. Augustine or other places of significance to you, please feel free to contact Laura about how she can bring your memory to life through art!  You may contact her through P.A.St.A. Gallery at 904-824-0251 or at [email protected] or on her cell at 260-460-0636 or 904-342-3520.  

Bridge of Lions
Bridge of Lions