Meet the Artist

Michelle Davidson

Michelle Davidson is a mixed media artist, musician, and author who currently resides in Daytona Beach. Her new painting series, Abandoned, portrays visions of abandoned places. Inspired by actual places encountered during her travels and created from explorations of her mind and spirit.

The Abandonment series of paintings is a cathartic experience explored through paint, imagery, self-discovery and enlightenment. The journey of abandonment is a personal look into the process of letting go: of people, of places, of things which no longer serve our highest purpose.

The first four paintings, Carnival, Hideout, Fallout, and Floodgates, take a look at personal relationships and how their dynamics effect our emotional being. The second part of the series digs deeper into the personal exploration of the self: fears, hope, and discovery.

Through our own reflections and exploration of love, one may find that through abandoning our past one might find a new bridge to the soul. 

Michelle's Art