Meet the Artist

Tina Minahan

The beauty of wood has mesmerized me since childhood. Its' warmth, grain patterns, colors, character, and knot holes. I have enjoyed woodworking projects for years and became passionate about it when I started Woodturning on a lathe in 2006.

Most of my wood comes from urban sources such as tree trimmers, local residents and lumber salvagers. There is beauty in the bark and below the bark. It is so much fun to be able to create from such a versatile natural resource that is both beautiful and fills the wood shop with fragrance.

I enjoy my craft and am dedicated to producing quality workmanship. I love sharing the joy and knowledge that I have gained in my shop, at classes, club meetings, and Woodturning symposiums I hope that you enjoy what you see and touch while you were here today.
~~ Tina Minahan

Tina's Art